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Educational Skills

IB PYP strategies in the Early Years 

"Making PYP happen" workshop



Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages

Teaching English to Young Learners


Jolly Phonics

Teaching phonics and literacy 


Learning Disabilities & ADHD

Strategies for the Classroom Teachers


Sign Language for teaching purposes

Certificated Signing Time instructor


Music for Young Children

Licensed Kindermusik educator



Experienced Teaching Approaches:

  • Reggio Emilia Approach to education

  • Project-based teaching
  • Blended / Flipped Classroom
  • Technology-based learning
  • UK EYFS Curriculum
  • UK Primary Curriculum


Other educational skills:

  • Individual approach to each child

  • EY classroom management

  • Curriculum development & Lesson planning

  • IT implementation for teaching purposes

  • Parent-teacher communication

  • Crafting for teaching purposes






Full professional proficiency


Full professional proficiency


Limited Working proficiency

American Sign Language (ASL)

Basic proficiency

Special Education
  • Assessing children with special needs.

  • Developing Individualized Education Programs for students with special educational needs.

  • Reviewing the IEP with the student’s parents, school administrators, and the student’s general education teacher

  • Developing and delivering interactive learning programs designed to engage and educate young children, including English Second Language (ESL) learners and pupils with special education needs.

  • Modifying traditional education curriculum to satisfy the needs of children with mild and moderate disabilities.

  • Ensuring that appropriate accommodations are available for students with special educational needs.

  • Providing tools and resources for children to use and explore during learning and play activities.

  • Adapting teaching methods and materials to meet the interests and learning styles of all children.

  • Using various teaching methods to promote learning, including intensive individualized instruction, problem-solving assignments, and small-group work.

  • Developing and maintaining positive relationships with children and parents.

IT Technologies

Digital Student's Portfolio


Developmental Milestones Tracker (0-5-year-old)

"Learn the Signs, Act Early" program

Centres for Disease Control and Prevention

U.S. Department of Health & Human Services 


Educational Technologies

Learning A-Z

Active User


Educational Technologies

Learning Management Systems (LMS) 

Online Classes and Flipped Classes design


Blended & Flipped Classroom Tools

Recording and editing audio clips

Creating annotated, interactive and engaging video content

Creating students' digital portfolios


Web-based Educational Applications:







Classroom Management

Planning/Assessment Tools:


Common Curriculum

Online collaborative lesson planning



Classroom management and assessment tool 



Online learning journal 


Bright Wheel Application

Early Years Center management tool 


LIBIB - Online Library Management

Classroom library management with the goal to share our books with students' families.



Apple Technologies

Mac & iPad

Certified Apple Teacher


Microsoft Office

Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Publisher

Full professional proficiency




Apple Teacher
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